We are Into The Heart

Jonovox | Vocals, Rhythm Guitar

From devoted U2 fan to captivating U2 tribute singer, Jonovox has transformed his passion for the legendary Irish rock band into a mesmerizing musical journey–right alongside Mr. J, Matt, Tony, and Mark. “These are some of the best musicians one could hope to ever find–and if I may say so–they’re even better human beings.”

Over the years Jono has masterfully honed his craft to pay a heartfelt tribute to the soaring vocals, anthemic melodies and overall iconic sound.

Mr. J | Lead Guitar

For Mr. J, everything started when the cool kid in his middle school class told him about a newly released album he really had to give a listen to. It was the late eighties and the record “The Joshua Tree”. A U2 fan since that day, Mr. J truly appreciates their music and has enjoyed watching the band evolve over the years.

As the guitar player of “Into the Heart”Mr. J has carefully studied The Edge’s unique approach to sonics and guitar effects to faithfully recreate U2´s signature sound.

Matt | Bass Guitar

Matt Wiley has been playing the bass since his first band members bought him one to avoid him being lead singer at 18.  Whether playing upright or electric, a small venue or a Japanese tour, he always has understood the connecting force of a bass player to a song or piece. That is the same quality he has always appreciated about the tastefully bass lines of Adam Clayton of U2. He will do his best to mimic Clayton’s quality in Into the Heart!

Tony | Drums

Tony was 14 the first time he played Sunday Bloody Sunday with a band. Before that, his journey had started by taking various lessons and studying Jazz at a very young age.
As a multi-instrumentalist he has spent 35 years in combos including a 10 year run with an 18 piece Big Band. Comfortable in any genre, he has utmost respect for Larry Mullen Jr.’s skills. “He has a minimalist style that deals unusual phrasing and linear shifts.. his parts don’t simply run from to another, they evolve during the song…”

He spends his spare time in his home studio working on original compositions, playing golf, and fly fishing. 

Mark | Keys/vocals

Mark loves to sing. He grew up singing with his dad and three brothers. He sang so much as a child (and so loud), his mother nicknamed him, “Mark the Mouth.” Mark excelled at singing and developed a strong ear for harmonizing. So when his older brother introduced him to U2’s album, Joshua Tree, he couldn’t get enough of singing along with Bono’s soaring, beautiful melodies and the Edge’s soft, colorful harmonies. He loves singing those harmonies and filling out the sonicscape on the keyboard with Into the Heart.

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